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Revive and conquer your energy by Dr. Frank Lipman


A lot of unsolicited advice is directed towards us when we complain of constant exhaustion or tiredness. But, there are times when despite trying out all lifestyle changes for more energy, we still don’t feel any changes in the way our overall energy levels. 

At such times, we may have to dig in deeper, find more information about the causes of our perennial tiredness and the solutions to those problems. And nothing, but a good self-help book can help you do that!

Now, what is the best book to boost your energy? Revive – Frank Lipman. This is the book we are suggesting because it has not only helped us but thousands of other people out there.

What exactly is this book about? Revive talks about how to have more energy. People who feel exhausted, have trouble sleeping, or an unhealthy digestive system – this book hears your woes. The book navigates you through unexplained fatigue, joint pains, irritability, insomnia, digestive problems and helps us understand that a pill is not a solution to all these problems.

Instead, Dr. Frank Lipman empathizes with us, which is very relieving, because most go into a panic mode when we start facing such unexplained health problems. In this revolutionary book, Dr. Lipman connects the dots in a constellation of symptoms, offering a proven solution to a pervasive problem he calls ‘Spent’. When someone is ‘Spent’, the body does everything to indicate that it is time for us to take a step back from the grind and relax. Our bodies let out signs so that we take a chill pill, rest, detoxify, repair, replenish and restore them.

In Revive, Dr. Lipman helps us identify the things we do on a daily basis, which ultimately leads to energy depletion. Everything, right from stress, an erratic sleep schedule, an unhealthy diet full of processed foods and high sugar consumption are the common causes of rapid energy depletion, he lists down. He doesn’t leave us at that – Dr. Lipman also helps us with the solutions. He has created a series of tasks “Daily Beats” – these tasks are as simple as sleep, diet, exercise, nutrition, meditation, and relaxation. These easy to incorporate tasks help us repair our stressed systems and nourish our minds and bodies.

Patients under Dr. Lipman’s care swear by the benefits of his day-by-day program. It is not only simple to incorporate and follow, but shows results instantly. This book to boost energy is based on Dr. Lipman’s thirty years of medical practice. Reading this book is the need of the hour, especially for the current generation, whose lifestyles have totally gone for a toss.

Revive reconnects us with our bodies, helping us understand the natural rhythm of our body and the sign it gives out when it’s time for us to rest. Decoding the language of our body is key to living life high on energy, and this book helps us understand just that.

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