Sanza's Chic Kitchen helps you with simple tips & tricks to save on groceries and save the planet!

How to Save on Groceries with a Plant-based diet



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Save money on groceries and save the planet with these simple tips!

Many people think that switching to a whole-food plant-based diet will be more expensive than sticking with the traditional diet. But it’s not like that. With a few simple tips to have in mind when doing groceries, you will rock it and even save your expenses!

Plan ahead

This will help you save time and money. Grab all the SCK recipes for next week and create a shopping list (stay tuned for something that will make this easier for you!)

Once you’re in the grocery store, stick to what you have planned, that will save you from overspending.

Organic or non-organic; this is the question.

If your budget permits, buy organic over non. Why? Because long-term ingestion of commonly used pesticides in industrial farming leads to inflammation and can impact our microbiome. A way of keeping costs under control is to shop seasonal fruit and vegetables at local farmer’s markets.

Prepared or Whole?

At SCK one of our mottos is; take advantage of everything that is natural and saves you time.

If you want to save time when preparing your dishes, visit your local store’s frozen area, you will be surprised by the amount of fresh frozen products they have that can make your life easier. For example, Trader joe’s has fresh sautéed mushrooms ready to add to a pasta dish. Or in the refrigerated area, the typical bag of mixed greens pre-washed and cut ready to serve.

The pro-hack here is to look at the ingredient list and see that we recognize all of them. If the list is too long and there are products that we do not know how to pronounce or do not understand, it is better to look for an alternative.

Save of the processed food

Curiously, all those highly processed products, full of sugars and additives, are what make the grocery cost rise! 

This is excellent news because we will help our accounts and our bodies by not buying these products.

Read the label and look for no added sugar, no inflammatory oils, and fiber to carbohydrate ratio (divide the number of grams of carbs by the number of grams of fiber) of 5 or below. 

Eat & save on groceries!

Oh! And one essential tip; NEVER go shopping when you are hungry. That’s fundamental! Go after breakfast or lunch to make sure you’re not going to be buying out of the urge to eat. And every time you grab something, it was not on your list; think carefully, is this something you need, or is it something you crave?

Happy Shopping!

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