Healthy Lifestyle blogger Sanza shares her morning routine help you find your own way.

Searching your Morning Routine



Hi Love!

I’ve been receiving many emails/DMs asking how the heck I manage to get up so early and take those gorgeous pictures of NY’s skyline! So I thought it was probably a good idea to give you a brief insight into my morning routine and why I do it. So let’s go! For this reason I present you an Ideal morning routine.

The first (and obvious) rule of thumb: Wake up early.! ( yep, told you,..) 

Ok, this sounds redundant, but what I typically do is wake up like an hour and a half before I should have. This is the only way I’ve found to get everything done before the real day starts. My advice would be to find out how much time do you need to get your stuff done; 45 min? 60min? 180min? Up to you!

I’m not going to lie to you; you won’t like it at the beginning! It’s going to be harsh, but once you’ve built the habit, you won’t even notice! 

And now that you have the time, what should we do with it?

The second rule of thumb: 40-20-30 

This is how I divide my time:

40 min to move

20 min to reflect

30 min to grow

Typically in that order. I wake up, get my workout clothes on, head to the street for a restorative walk, or do some workouts at home o practice Yoga. The goal is to sweat, as sweat gets rid of cortisol, the fear hormone, and generates BDNF o Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor, which repairs brain cells and accelerates the formation of new neuronal connections! Yay! 

Then 20 minutes of reflection. I like to meditate facing east to see or feel the sunrise. I meditate for 10 minutes, then focus on committing to my goals and dreams, and giving thanks to what I am grateful for in my life for another 10 minutes.

Finally, I use my last 30 minutes to learn or study things I’m curious about but that I don’t have the time during the rest of the day. 

Even though this works for me, may not necessarily work for you. Remember, the goal is to have time for you; that time you won’t find the rest of the day. So ask yourself, which activity would light you up? And go for it!

If you do want to wake up early but are lacking willpower, here are a couple of tricks and trips:

  1. Make it easy for you. Get everything prepared in advance. The easier you have to do something, the more likely it will be to get it done.
  2. We, as humans, are all motivated by the anticipation of reward. So make it attractive! I love treating myself with delicious smoothies for breakfast! And sometimes it is the only thing that pushes me out of bed! 

What about you, how do your mornings look like? Do you think is a Ideal morning routine?



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