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Shop the best sustainable home products

Buying eco-friendly doesn’t always equal buying expensive. Although these products usually use high quality and sustainable products, it’s just a matter of looking for those that adapt to every budget. At SCK we try to find products for everyone. Here you will find all kinds of sustainable products under $100. Just click on the product you’ll like to buy. Enjoy!

Why is it so difficult to find eco-friendly products under $100?

Goods used in sustainable products tend to be more expensive. But this is not always true; it mostly depends on the fabric being used. Lucky for us, every day, more brands are looking to work with sustainable materials. This means more research and resources go into the manufacture of these fabrics, which will help lower the cost of sustainable products.

Of course, for this to happen, brands have to choose to use eco-friendly products. For fashion brands to do so, we, as a sustainable community, have to demand more sustainable products and support those who are already working with these types of fabrics over those who only use the word “sustainable” for publicity.

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