How to understand the Nutritional Facts? Simple tricks to understand the Nutritional Facts and nail your healthy groceries by SCK!

How to understand the Nutritional Facts



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Simple tricks to understand the Nutritional Facts and nail your healthy groceries!

One of the most common questions when trying to move towards a healthy lifestyle is; what should I buy at the grocery store. For answering that question, we should understand the nutritional facts.

This issue could get tricky. But as at SCK, we are all about keeping things simple to help you live your life while feeling at the top of your game; we’re going to share with you very simple steps. 

Basic Rule

Basic; look for everything that doesn’t have a level. Typically fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Remember Real Food for Real People in Real Life. These are the foods that will fuel your energy and keep you satiated for longer, as they are loaded with fiber. 


Talking about fiber. This should be essential when buying processed foods. Have you ever wondered why Sanza always used legume-based pasta for her dishes? Well, that’s because this type of pasta follows the rule we are about to share, and that will change your life! Always divide the number of carbs by fiber. If you get anything below or equal to 5grams, that’s a good choice. Why? As we already know, fiber is responsible for slowly releasing energy throughout the day without blood sugar spikes or living in the energy rollercoaster. Craving a delicious pasta dish? Go for it, with this simple rule; pasta can be your new best friend!

5 is your Number

The fewer ingredients, the better. At SCK, we advocate for a list of around five ingredients. Beyond that, it starts to get tricky. And if you find a name on the list that you don’t understand or can’t pronounce, it’s better to leave it where it was.


The ingredients list is always ordered from more to less amount. The closer to the top, the more there is of it. Therefore if you see sugar in the first or second position, you know it’s loaded with it! Better to avoid that particular product. Why? Check it here.  

Don’t let yourself get tricked by sugar. This foe has plenty of names such as; evaporated cane juice, fruit juice, date juice, cane syrup, brown rice syrup, agave nectar, honey, and malt syrup; euphemism the industrial system is using to cover the sugar. Yet, they’re all just different forms of it. If you see one or more in the ingredient label, leave it behind. The food manufacturer is trying to disguise just how much sugar is in the product.

Oils to Avoid

Avoid the inflammatory oils – canola, sunflower, safflower, palm. These are used to manufacture processed foods because they have a higher smoke point (the point where the oil begins to burn, releasing harmful free radicals into the body) than some of the healthier oils, like extra virgin olive oil. To keep inflammation at bay, avoid any product that contains these.

Summing up

The main trick to understand the Nutritional Facts is; Real food such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and seeds, should be 85-90% of any diet. For the rest of the products, we can be sure that we follow the SCK method by following these simple rules.

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