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The 10 Pieces you Need to Build your Sustainable Uniform by Sanza's Chic Kitchen

A Season of Outfits: Fall Edition



We know that mapping out what to wear during the whole season could be pretty ambitious. That’s why today, we want to help you find those sustainable pieces that can turn your outfits around just by adding a couple of items to your already gorgeous wardrobe.

Like every fall,  it’s all about striking a balance between cozy and chic. What makes these easy cool-girl options stand out are the soothing textures and streamlined cuts that’ll cover all your WFH and in-person bases.


You know, it’s winter when you wake up, summer at midday, and fall arrives just in time for the happy hour. And all that, wearing the same you left home with at 6 am. Sweater weather is here, and layers are our best friends for an effortless morning-meetings-to-afternoon-WFH transition.


Stripped tees, flowered dresses, polka dot shirts,.. you name it! Prints are everywhere! Take advantage of sweater weather and play with layers to create whole different outfits from morning to night. A pullover atop a striped tee or a slip dress means two looks in one when that pullover is, well, pulled off.


The accent of every outfit. Just adding a statement necklace of a couple of beautiful earrings can make a huge difference, turning a boring outfit into one that everyone admires.  


What would Carrie Bradshaw’s outfits be without her incredible shoes? Yes, exactly, just a bit less of the “wow!” effect! And as we know that finding vegan shoes can be a huge challenge- these are our picks for this fall 2021


Attention, please. The best for the end! Those precious objects of desire are beautiful as well as functional.

But bags, like shoes, can be tricky; although the big fashion brands have started to investigate, the fashion industry has not yet explored what the vegan world can offer. But that does not mean that there are no incredible options for all tastes.

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