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How to Start a Healthy Lifestyle: Sugar & Alcohol



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Taking the series forward, today we’ll be talking about a couple of more factors you need to consider when choosing a healthy lifestyle. What are the most common factors which constitute a major part of your diet and without you realizing, wreck your health? Yes, you’re right – sugar. The other culprit? Alcohol! So let’s talk about how sugar and alcohol affect the body.

Sugar and alcohol are the root causes of diseases of affluence – in simpler words, lifestyle ailments such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. Currently, these diseases are rising at an alarming rate. How can you cut down your risk of falling prey to these ailments? No rocket science here, it’s pretty simple – introduce changes in your life and switch to a healthy lifestyle.

How can sugar and alcohol affect the body? In ways, you cannot even imagine! As I further elaborate on these factors down below, you will know how alcohol and sugar can affect your health and wellbeing. Let’s start with sugar.

How does Sugar affects the body?

Just a piece of cake, just one aerated drink, just one spoon of extra sugar – how many times have we done this to ourselves? Maybe not on a daily basis, but maybe a couple of times in a week? While all things sweet are no doubt appetizing, what you need to be wary of is sugar’s bittersweet reputation. 

Now we could say – even the fruits I eat have sugar, so how can sugar affect my health? This is not the kind of sugar we’re talking about. Our prime focus is on ‘added sugar’ – the one we find in delectable, cakes, juices, yogurts, and other processed foods.

While we consume high amounts of sugar easily, what we don’t realize is how tough it is for your liver to process this sugar. The liver has no choice but to convert sugar into fat, causing weight gain. Secondly, sugar also has a tendency to spike blood pressure levels and cause inflammation in the body. Diabetes is the obvious outcome of excessive consumption of sugar. And all of these ailments increase your risk of heart ailments and stroke.

How does Alcohol affects the body?

You already know how much I enjoy a glass of good wine every now and then, but still we need to talk about this faux friend.

The way our body responds to sugar and alcohol is similar. Just like sugar, alcohol is also too heavy for our bodies to digest. This means an overworked liver. Not only this, but the connection between alcohol and blood sugar levels is a well-known fact. Excessive alcohol also messes up the effectiveness of insulin in our body; meaning, alcohol can lead to either high or low blood sugar levels, depending on person to person.

While our body is having a hard time dealing with the alcohol we have just consumed, the rest of our sugar (which our body is not able to process) enters your blood, moving throughout our body. This causes ailments such as obesity, diabetes, and blood pressure.

With this, we can easily derive the bottom line –  alcohol affects every organ of our body. We need to be extra careful and monitor not only our alcohol consumption but also the effects it has on our body. Once we observe the drastic impact alcohol has on our health, it wouldn’t take you much time to give it up right away.

Health is a reflection of our diet and lifestyle. Watching every step and introducing changes in our life are the only ways to successfully lead a healthy lifestyle.

If you’ve missed the last series, don’t freak out, they are all here!


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