How Taking Care of Ourselves Can Help the Planet



Our actions have an impact, you can do more then you think, discover here how taking care of ourselves can help the planet

There are days when we wonder – will my actions have an impact on the planet? How is it even possible that the mindful acts of one person can end up making a difference? So here’s the truth – yes, your mindful actions on a personal level do have an impact. But, apart from the difference we make on a small scale, we also end up inspiring others around us unknowingly – to take up habits that are good for the environment too. In this article, we talk about how taking care of ourselves helps the planet.

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For those wondering how taking care of ourselves can help the planet, here are some ways to get started. Let’s run you through these small but impactful ways to achieve the Happy You Happy Planet:

Mindful Meditation

Mindfulness helps people live life with a purpose. To attain the level of awareness where we know the purpose of our lives, we need to practice mindful meditation. Only then can we notice the nature, environment, and the consequences of our actions on them.

We can practice mindful meditation anywhere we feel comfortable – on the Yoga mat or even on the couch. All we have to do is breathe and take cognizance of every breath as it fills our lungs. Then, as our thoughts begin to wander, we need to focus on our breathing again. Gradually, mindful meditation would help us tune our emotions without judgment.

Opt for Sustainable Food Habits

While this seems like a huge task, let’s break it down. First, we can start off by choosing to buy from local farmers and suppliers. This is a great step towards sustainable eating, as you would outright reject products that are imported or travel distances to make it to our kitchens finally.

The next way is to include greens and fruits in our diets and cut down our reliance on meat and other animal products. Meat-heavy diets lead to increased animal farming, one of the major causes of pollution and destruction of the natural world. We can start off by transitioning to a more green and less meat diet. Gradually, when we realize how eating more plants benefits our bodies, we can consider switching to a vegan diet.

Go Green

As much as we can, we need to adopt a green lifestyle. We have so much scope to choose recyclable, reusable things in our everyday lives – right from our kitchen containers to clothes; we can choose to be sustainable in so many different ways. All we need is the thought (which will automatically come, thanks to mindful meditation) and the will to act. Once these green, sustainable habits become a part of your life, there’s no turning back at all.

Every time we come across something, we’d ask ourselves – can I use this as something else? Can I fix it instead of discarding it? Or can I donate it if it’s still in good condition? We get answers to these questions by ourselves, and we know what choice to make.

Summing Up

Going sustainable doesn’t in any way mean being hard on ourselves or living with restrictions. We can be a bit more patient and kind with ourselves to gradually transition into a sustainable way of life without any pressure of perfection. So good luck on this journey of going green!

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