Things to do After Watching Seaspiracy



An eye opener docu-film. What action items can you consider changing after watching Seaspiracy?

Seaspiracy, the latest Netflix documentary, has become the talk of the town – for all the right reasons. The documentary has raised the right questions and has highlighted the urgent need of why we need to save the planet. It also conveys that the seas are an integral part of the ecosystem and that we need to act immediately to work and save the seas. If you haven’t watched Seaspiracy yet, you need to watch it right away. There is a before and after watching Seaspiracy! Check out the Speasiracy trailer:

For those who have watched this eye-opening documentary, it leaves them with a big question on their minds – what to do after watching seaspiracy? So today, we will be talking about the action items you need to consider after watching Seaspiracy:

Stop Consumption of Fish

This is the next best thing we can consider doing. Commercial fishing is not only depleting natural fish species but the marine flora and fauna as well. Restricting fish and its consumption is the quickest and easiest way to save the seas.

Reduce Plastic Usage

Again, there’s nothing like completely shunning plastic from our lives. But we are so used to plastic in everything we do – right from the jars we store our cereal on to the disposable cups and plates – everything is made of plastic. Plastic is extremely harmful to marine life – it changes the acidity of the ocean waters, choking life underwater.

Clean up the Beaches

Numerous organizations organize beach clean-ups – and all we have to do is sign up for this activity and do our part to clear off all the mess on the beaches. Another action item on our end is to make sure we don’t litter the beach whenever we set out for a beach stroll or picnic.

Boycott Marine Parks and Aquariums

This is the easiest thing on the list that we can incorporate into our lives. We have been going to marine parks and aquariums as kids, and now, we take our little ones along. But it’s time to stop, right now.

Marine parks thrive on animals pulled out from their natural habitats – the sea, where they swim almost 40 miles every day – and trapped into small-sized aquariums and marine parks where their movement is entirely restricted. If you genuinely love marine animals and care about their welfare, boycott the aquariums right away.

Summing Up

While we may feel that our effort may not make a great difference, here’s the truth – every bit of effort counts. And that’s exactly what Seaspiracy conveys. The world will be a much better place to live in, only if we all were a bit more thoughtful of our actions and their repercussions. It’s time to act. Now.

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