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For the last Mondays, I’ve been giving you ideas to boost your sustainable LUX SUMMER VIBES. As a result, many of your emails these weeks have asked a similar question; what does being sustainable in swimwear means? And it’s that even possible?

Today, I want to give you a brief inside of what sustainable brands are doing and a little surprise for you if you stick with me to the end!

Let’s dive into it!

What’s Eco-friendly Swimwear, and is that even possible?

Let’s face it; today, no production process can be 100% sustainable. All textile production – even those that use 100% cotton – affect the environment. The impact comes from the use of water and electricity in the production, transportation of the products, packaging, etc. Just like Sauipe points out. And that’s our ugly truth nowadays. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t do anything to help.

Brands like Sauipe and the new Eco line by Andie are making an effort to be eco-friendly, stylish and chic at the same time.

For example Andie’s new Eco line staples in a recycled fabric. It’s made of recycled polyester, the kind milled from post-consumer plastic bottle! I find if amazing! And believe me, it’s soft as a cloud!
Sanza in a Andie’s Eco Line.

Sauipe, for example, creates beautiful swimwear using fabrics that contain the first biodegradable polyamide developed in the world. While conventional polyamide can take decades to decompose, 50% of the biodegradable polyamide fiber decomposes within one year, and the complete 100% decomposes within three years in landfill.

Suipe- Gorgeous Fernande One Piece Ginkgo Black

Moreover, these sustainable brands are trying to lessen their footprint by planning production and transportation because every little thing adds up!

When looking to add a new piece to your wardrobe, and even more if its swimwear, enter the brand website, and spent a couple of minutes looking for this information.

We must incorporate this consumer practice when shopping. I know it can be overwhelming initially; one more thing to add to the list; price, where to clean, you name it! And I get it! But in the end, it’s us who will take advantage of a cleaner, healthier and happier planet.

To thank you for staying with me and to help you help the planet use these two codes for my two favorite Sustainable brands:

Sauipe: Summer20 for 20% off any order.

Andie: EcoSanza10 for 10% off in the Eco line.

Happy shopping and enjoy (responsibly)!



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