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The 10 Pieces you Need to Build your Sustainable Uniform

“It takes an estimated 20,000 liters of water to make just one pair of jeans and a single t-shirt” – the fact itself is enough to take anyone back. Just imagine the number of resources wasted in the manufacturing process of each clothing item in our overfull wardrobes – the math will end up shocking you. This is the exact reason why along with eating and living sustainably, we also need to start dressing up in a sustainable manner.

It’s time that we jump on the bandwagon and try incorporating the idea of sustainable, ‘slow’ fashion in our lifestyles. Now the question is – how should one build a sustainable, classic, and timeless wardrobe? It’s not as difficult as it seems, especially because there are so many sustainable fashion designers out there. We have listed out wardrobe essentials you must have to build your uniform. Read to find out more about timeless fashion wear. Invest in atemoparal pieces and build it from there!

The Little Black Dress

Our wardrobes are literally incomplete without the famous LBD! This is one dress that’s well-suited for a range of occasions, casual as well as formal. So whether it’s a job interview or a cocktail party, this dress is perfect for it all.

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The Button-up Oxford Shirt

Pair this one with a blazer or straight black pants, add in some accessories, and voila! You have a perfect outfit right there. These shirts go well with skirts, too. All we need to do is invest in two classic colored oxford shirts so that mixing and matching become easier.

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The Silk Skirt

Wondering what to pair your shirt or classic tops with? This silk skirt swoons into your rescue. This skirt allows us not only to have the essential silk in our wardrobe but also adds a dash of chic elegance to it.

La Mariniere Top (Blue and White Striped Top)

This is a timeless piece of apparel and a must-have in every girl’s wardrobe. The best part? Stripes never go out of fashion! The inspiration behind these tops are sailors, which is why these tops have a touch of adventure to them, too. Pair it with a skirt or well-fitted jeans, and we’re good to go!

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Straight Leg Jeans

How can someone not own a pair of straight-leg jeans? These jeans aren’t skin tight – they follow the form of the leg, but more loosely. These jeans can be paired with multiple outfits, making them a must-have wardrobe essential. Always look for sustainable jeans, please!

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The Beige Trench Coat

Who says fashion is limited to bright, sunny days? This beige trench coat tells us otherwise! A beige trench adds sass to the wardrobe, and we can use it to layer up fashionably, especially on cold, wintry, or rainy days.

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A Masculine Blazer

Borrowed from a boy’s wardrobe, this masculine blazer is something even girls need to have in their closets. Get the woolen or linen version of the blazer, and we’re sure it will come extremely handy on days when you’re in the mood to layer up.

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A Black Smoking Jacket

This classic black jacket goes with just about any outfit in your wardrobe. Add some style to your outfits with this affordable, sleek, and smart-looking jacket.

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The Camel Coat

The warm tone of the camel coat makes it one of the most popular items in everyone’s wardrobe. We can all be stylish in the winters with this effortlessly chic coat. All black with the camel coat is a winning combination!

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The Oversized Sweater

Hanging loosely on our bodies, an oversized sweater gives you a carefree yet stylish look. Although it’s simple, we can easily make a statement with it. And, it keeps us warm, too! What else do we need to survive harsh winters?

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Summing Up

When everyone makes sustainable choices, the magnitude of the impact is sure to be huge. It’s about time we start introspecting and invest in sustainable clothing, too.

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