Sustainable and Vegan Lifestyle influencer shares her secret for working out during the summer!!

Sweat it out in Summer!



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I know, sweltering heat and workouts – the combination just doesn’t seem right. After all, who needs to sweat it out when the soaring temperatures are already making sure you’re soaked with sweat! But does that mean you should cheat on your workout sessions when the temperatures hit the high? Not at all! So let’s talk about How do you keep exercising in hot weather?

But how do you keep exercising in hot weather without getting fatigued? Here’s how:

Acclimatize Yourself

Most of us are used to working out in cooler weather. This is what makes working out in heated up environments tougher. The trick here is getting your body to adapt to the temperature rise. You can start off with mild workout sessions in the balmy weather. Your body should get used to the temperature variation in less than two weeks.

Beat the heat

Keeping yourself hydrated at all times is the best way to beat summer blues. Your body demands higher fluid intake and you can quench this by having nutrient-rich fluids such as coconut water. You lose a lot of nutrients during workouts, which you need to refuel right away. While water works just fine, nutrient-infused drinks would kick out the incoming fatigue right away!

Choose the best time

For morning workout lovers, just make sure you wind up your workouts before the sun is up and shining. If you’re done before 9.30 am, perfect! Alternatively, you can also choose to exercise in the evenings when the temperatures settle.

I’d also like to mention the Circadian rhythm here. Studies have shown that exercising before 7 am can help you hack your circadian rhythm. This makes it easier for your body to sleep well and wake up fresh.

And now that it’s summer, it’s best you wake up a little earlier and get done with your workout in the morning itself.

Mild workouts

In case it’s too hot outside, you don’t need to beat yourself and go in for your usual full-fledged workout. On days when the heat isn’t really bearable, take it easy. Quitting isn’t an option, but a mild workout in the open is!

Dress to beat the sweat

Loose-fitting clothing keeps your body cool and lets your skin breathe. Dark colors are a big no, as they would absorb heat, making your workout sessions miserable than comfortable.

Eat well

Ditch the processed food and aerated drinks – these will make your body more sluggish and tired. Instead, replace these with fresh fruits and vegetables. Melons are the best part of summer – so why not stock up on some natural, water-based fruits that would help you stay hydrated as well as beat the untimely hunger cravings? Check some ideas here!

Nothing should come in the way of exercising. And despite the daunting heat and sweat, summer workouts can be a fun experience if you take care of these little things.

Eat well, drink well, dress well and you are all set to go!

Let me know if you have any questions or more tips! you know how much I love hearing from you!



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