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Hey Love!

How is your skin doing with all this time indoors? Today we will talk about Clean beauty non-toxic essentials

Before the quarantine started, I was used to walking a lot; from home to the office, to client meetings, to groceries, and back home. I was barely indoors, so all this situation is not what my skin is used to at all. Therefore after a couple of weeks, I felt I had to introduce some changes in my daily routine to keep it healthy and glowy.

So this is what I’m doing lately.

  • Stay Hydrated

There is always a debate around if whether drinking water helps or not your skin keep hydrated. But we are mostly water, so I think it must contribute to some degree, right?

For some external help these are my favs:

The Repairative Moisturizer by Tata Harper packed with 32 active botanical ingredients, and Hyaluronic acid is the perfect lightweight formula!

It is during the night that our cells get to regenerate most, that’s why I like helping with the Crème Riche night cream by Tata Harper. Even though its suggestive name, it’s not heavy at all! I personally love its velvet texture and its smell, it helps me relax before going to sleep.

The once a week mask, or more if you feel you need some extra care, I love is the Blue Cocoon by May Lindstrom. It comes in a beautiful intense blue format; however, when you touch it, it melts to a balm that leaves my skin almost as happy as after a facial!

If you’re “enjoying” some extra time and you want to do it yourself, check the Sensitive Skin Mask that you can do at home!

  • Clean

Although I don’t typically use much makeup, these days, I’m using even less. But, nevertheless, I feel that my skin needs special love when it comes to cleansing it. Moreover, face-touching has been repeatedly warned against for spreading coronavirus, and it can also spread dirt, oil, and bacteria to the face, which can clog pores.

That is why these days, I’m using my two favorite cleaning products: The Cleanser and The Balancing Toner by Dr. Barbara Sturm. The Cleanser is a light foam, almost like a soft cloud, that leaves my skin clean and ready for the next steps. And the toner helps to remove whatever you’re skin may still have. Honestly, most of the time, the cotton comes out entirely white, which means that the Cleanser did its job!

Again, looking for some DIY time? Check the Luxurious Honey Cleanser!

  • Eat Healthily

You know I’m a great advocate of eating healthy no matter what, but now it is more important than ever, not only to boost your immune system but also for your skin health’s sake. Keeping a balanced diet full of green vegetables, essential fatty acids, berries, and seeds, within others, is the best way to promote healthy and glowy skin.

Check The Green Love or The Papaya Smoothie if you’re running out of ideas!

And what about you hon, have you built your own home spa? Did you enjoy this Clean beauty non-toxic essentials




Hey Love, due to the current circumstances if you feel that you need to talk to someone to cope with this crisis, do not hesitate to contact me, via email, or DM at IG. In this community, we are always here to have each other’s back when you need it.

And hey Hon, before you go, one more thing! Check out the Superfood Guide for a healthy immune system! With a special surprise at the end! You can’t miss it!

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