Sustainable and Vegan Lifestyle influencer shares her 2020 Holiday Gift Guide!!




The Ultimate Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide

Hi Loves!

Finally, the Holiday Season has arrived! This time around, we won’t really be visiting our friends and family, but should that stop us from continuing the tradition of gifting our near and dear ones? Not at all! We can, of course, make a small change in our gifts this year. Instead of gifting the items we usually do, how about going for sustainable gifts? And don’t let your mind go all dizzy thinking of sustainable gifting ideas.

You know I’ve always got your back! Just for you, I have compiled the ultimate sustainable holiday gift guide! This is a holiday gift guide for her and him, for friends and family and basically for people of all ages. And I’m sure you will find something worth gifting your better halves, your kids, siblings, and parents as well. This sustainable holiday gift guide goes beyond chocolates and sweet boxes – these are gifts that expressly convey your love for the people close to you.

Winter wear is another option – it can never go out of fashion! Especially when it’s freezing outside, a trendy hoodie or pair of boots would be the best way to remind your better half of your love for them, every time they slip the shoes or overall on!

Quite a few sustainable makeup brands have come up with limited edition festive offers and makeup kits. And there’s nothing better than gifting the ladies these cruelty-free, eco-friendly, and totally safe makeup products. A classy lipstick, an elegant nail paint, or the entire makeup kit – you name it, and it’s out there!

If you’re looking to gift something more long-lasting, do consider cutlery. And if you’re gifting cutlery, make sure to go above and beyond the regular steel ones! Maybe opt for something shiny gold? Or how about engraving the initials of the family on the cutlery. It takes a little effort to instantly glam up any ordinary gift! So yes, do give this one thought too! Now that we’re talking about kitchen essentials, you can also give out a juicer for your health-conscious parents. And for that coffee-loving sibling, go grab that instant coffee brewer!

Skincare packages too, are extremely useful gifts. We all have that friend who keeps complaining about skin that’s too dry or too oily. Now that we’re so well aware of their skin types, why not gift them some lovely skincare products that are safe not only on their skin but also for the environment? Don’t lose out on the opportunity to gift your friend some amazing skincare products from the best, sustainable brands out there.

I’m so hoping you find these ideas helpful. If you are still looking out for more ideas, do check out the 2020 holiday guide. I’ve got a whole lot of fun gifting ideas listed out, right here!

Enjoy the responsible shopping & Happy Holidays!!


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