The work from from sustainable style isseu

The WFH Style Issue



Hey Love!

Welcome to the Work From Home sustainable with Style Issue!

These last weeks, we’ve seen how our normal lives have switched to “the new normal” lives. And with it all our typical routines, including how we dress.

So, to help you survive within this new normality, this entire lookbook is dedicated to giving you ideas whether you feel like styling up for your conference calls or you just want to get cozy and watch Netflix, always from a sustainable point fo view. Find everything you need for you and your home on the following pages, Hon!

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Hope you enjoy this article about work from home Sustainable Style Issue!


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Hey Love, due to the current circumstances if you feel that you need to talk to someone to cope with this crisis, do not hesitate to contact me, via email, or DM at IG. In this community, we are always here to have each other’s back when you need it.

And hey Dear, before you go, one more thing! Check out the Superfood Guide for a healthy immune system! With a special surprise at the end! You can’t miss it!

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