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Hey Loves!

Many people keep asking me since when I’ve been practicing yoga. And, I have the impression that they expect me to say that I have been praising forever, and that was something natural for me. But that is not the case at all.

I started practicing around 5 years ago. And my first class was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I didn’t know what I was doing, I didn’t understand the asanas and all I did was try to catch up. Nevertheless, something yoked me, and I went back again the next week and the next. I remember a couple of classes later, the teacher came and said,

Hey! I am so glad you are still coming! After your first cass, I thought you weren’t going to show up again, it was obvious that this wasn’t meant for you!”

And, as shocking as it was to hear it from someone else, it was true, it wasn’t natural for me at all.

Over these 5 years, I’ve practiced many types of different yoga styles, and I always feel the same way about it. There is something about it that traps me. For me, it is not a fitness class, even though you end up quite strong! For me, yoga practice is something else.

This feeling has led me to want to find out more about this discipline. What is beyond the movement? What is it that makes it so unique that millions of people around the world start to practice, and most of them never leave it.

The word Yoga in Sanskrit means “to yoke or reconnect.” Some philosophies say it is to connect to a Supreme Source some say to connect to your inner self, the one that we don’t listen to in our busy days. But, what is true is that the alchemical practice transfers our perception of who we are because we find our limits and challenge to go beyond them.

Moreover, the word Sadhana in Sanskrit means “conscious spiritual practice.” And that, from my point of view, is the key to it. What really distinguishes yoga from any other physical exercise routine is the intention.

The intention of engaging in an activity that will bring you closer to enlightenment or the purpose of challenging yourself and your body to pass the limit where your mind says that you can’t go.

As Sharon Gannon says, “Sadhana is never something you do for yourself. It is always about getting over yourself, your separate ego self and awakening to how you are part of a higher Divine Self.”

Therefore, In my opinion, that is the turning point, when you realize that is not a fitness class but something that pursuits a bigger goal, whatever it is for you.

I am still growing, I am still learning and challenging myself practise fter practice, but I feel that yoga has yoked me for good.

Btw love, I would love to hear your story!

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