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Top 5 Best Documentaries About Sustainability



Looking for documentaries about environmental issues? Check out our top 5!

In the twenty-first century, the world is facing problems such as climate change that is posing an existential threat to the planet earth. The world leaders are making an effort to reduce the concentration of carbon dioxide, a major source of global warming, to combat climate change. However, the documentaries about environmental issues suggest that only reducing fossil fuel consumption is not sufficient. We need to stop the destruction of soil and become more dependent on plant-based foods-in short; we need to become vegans.

Here are the top 5 documentaries about sustainability that helped veganism become more recognized. 

Kiss the Ground- the best documentary on environmental sustainability 

Rebecca Harrell Tickell and Josh Tickell produced this documentary in 2006 to highlight climate change’s gravity and provide possible solutions to impeded the impending climate change. The production companies of this documentary are Benenson Productions, Big Picture Ranch, and The Redford Center. Like vegans, this documentary suggests plant-based food for consumers to protect the earth from climate change. The primary message of this documentary is that the destruction of soil is intensifying climate change. The only solution is to heal the planet by regenerating the soil and eating food that heals the plants, and that is plant-based food.

Cowspiracy- The Sustainability Secret

Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret is one of the most inspiring documentaries produced to create awareness about saving the planet from impending climate change threats. According to this movie, fossil fuel is not the major source of global warming. Animal agriculture is. Not just eating cows, but all other kinds of meat, eggs, milk, and fish. So, the most effective way to combat global warming is not to end fossil fuels consumption but to become vegan.

Game Changers

It is a 2018 documentary film that promotes a plant-based diet-veganism. Mark Monroe and Joseph Pace wrote this film, and Joseph Pace, James Wilks, and Lewis Hamilton produced it. Starring UFC fighters and athletes, this documentary showcase how a plant-based diet improves your health and performance in the field. 


The 2013 Compeller Pictures documentary produced by Elizabeth Kucinich and directed by Jeremy Seifert GMO OMG raises an eyebrow about using a genetically modified organism in food production in the US. This documentary is an endeavor to answer the question: How GMOs affect plants and people? The primary aim of this film is to convey to US citizens that  GMO giants such as Monsanto don’t adequately inform people about the manipulation of genetically modified products and how unhealthy these GMOs products are. In addition, it also explores the effects of GMOs on humans. 


It is a 2015 documentary fill that provides solutions to the world’s problems that are posing an existential threat to the planet earth in the twenty-fisrt century. It talks about political, economic, social, and environmental issues the world is facing. Unlike other films focusing on environmental imbalances in the world, it embarks upon a constructive approach and provides pragmatic solutions to the problem in education, governance, energy, agriculture, economy, and democracy. 

Summing up 

In conclusion, the environmental problem like climate change in the twenty-first century is posing an existential threat to the planet earth. The above-discussed documentaries suggest that reduction of fossil fuel consumption is not only the solution to impede global warming. We need to bring changes in our eating behaviors. We need to focus more on plant-based foods.

In short, we need to become vegans to make the world more sustainable. Let us know what you think about these documentaries about environmental issues. We want to know what you think about them! Also, if you liked this article, we recommend you read Things to do after watching Seaspiracy.

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