Top 5 Natural Sunscreens by sanza´s chic kitchen

Top 5 Natural Sunscreens



It’s almost summer, that’s why we’ve listed a range of natural sunscreens for you! Pick your favorite!

Irrespective of the high-end beauty products we invest in, our beauty routine is incomplete without sunscreen. Even though we know the importance of sunscreen in our lives, are sunscreens toxic? Are there natural sunscreens? This question keeps worrying us now and then.

So here’s something we all need to know – there are many sunscreens filled with toxic chemicals, and it is best we steer clear of them. All we need to do is opt for non-toxic, all-natural sunscreens without oxybenzone and octinoxate. Instead, we can pick sunscreens with titanium dioxide, an active ingredient present in safe sunscreens. Many brands are coming up with gentle sunscreens made with all-natural ingredients. Looking for the best sunscreen for your face will not be a challenging task, thanks to all the options available out there.

Why exactly do we need to opt for non-toxic sunscreens?

Firstly, they are healthier, without any compromise on safety or efficacy. These sunscreens are free of oxybenzone, a harmful chemical made from petroleum. They also do not feature octinoxate. Both these chemicals are known to be endocrine disruptors and can wreak havoc with the hormones in our bodies. As we keep applying and reapplying sunscreen throughout the day, the possibility of these toxins getting absorbed in the bloodstream becomes high.

The natural sunscreen without oxybenzone and octinoxate are suitable for those with super sensitive skin. The presence of other harmful chemicals can cause irritation to sensitive skin as well as eyes. With the safer sunscreens, we wouldn’t have to worry about any side effects on the skin, eyes, or other body parts. In fact, these sunscreens with titanium dioxide are very effective and offer instant protection, unlike their chemical counterparts which need almost 15-30 minutes before they work. These sunscreens with physical filters offer protection against both UVA and UVB rays. The physical filters make these sunscreens a lot more effective as compared to their chemical counterparts.

Natural Sunscreens protects you and the environment!

Next, the non-toxic sunscreens are safer for the environment – the marine life, to be specific. When we have a bath, the sunscreen gets washed off in the shower, which enters local waterways and eventually ends up in the ocean. Research estimates almost 14000 tonnes of toxic sunscreen end up in the ocean, harming marine flora and fauna. By opting for safer sunscreens, we also get to do our bit towards the environment.

Like we mentioned before, many sunscreen brands are coming up with safe sunscreen alternatives. We can easily find the best sunscreen for the face, the best sunscreen for sports, or any other sunscreen we require as per our needs. To help you find the ideal sunscreen for you, we have listed a range of options that you can choose from. Do go through these healthy sunscreen products and pick one that suits you best:

Our Top 5 Natural Sunscreens:

Top 5 Natural Sunscreens by sanza´s chic kitchen

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