Vegan vs Whole Food Plant-based



Ever used these terms interchangeably? Or heard someone using them instead of the other? Well, vegan and plant-based food are two different terms! While some people go completely vegan, others choose a whole food plant-based diet. And it’s important to know the differences between the two. And that’s exactly what we’ll be talking about today.

What Is a Vegan Diet?

In a vegan diet, you completely cut out all animal products from your meals. These animal-based products include meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy, and even honey. Anything that has even a slight animal-based origin is completely out of the scope of a vegan diet. Being vegan is more of a lifestyle choice too. A vegan would not opt for products that are tested on animals either or leather.

If you ask us – are potato chips a part of a vegan diet? Yes! Because they are derived from potatoes, and even though they may not be a completely healthy food option, they are very well part of a vegan diet. We can put it in this way – just because something is vegan doesn’t mean it is healthy!

What is a Whole Food Plant-based Diet?

In this diet, the focus is mostly on eating foods that come from plant sources. These plant-based foods are raw and minimally processed – so foods like potato chips, even though they are plant-based, wouldn’t be part of a whole food plant-based diet.

Vegetables, fruits, whole grains, plant-based oils, nuts, and seeds in their raw, fresh, and unprocessed forms are part of a whole food plant-based diet. Limiting or completely animal

Can You Choose to be Vegan as well as Plant-based?

Well, yes; that’s what eosia is all about- remember; Happy You Happy Planet. Some start with a vegan diet and then choose to take one step further and opt for a completely whole-food plant-based diet. To make easier the transition from a traditional diet to one without foods of animal origin, many people opt for vegan meat substitutes such as faux meat burgers, bacon, fish, cheese, you name it, before deciding to commit to a whole food plant-based diet- where the main focus in on non-processed, all-natural foods. 

What Should Your Ideal Meal Look Like?

The perfect meal is balanced and includes different components. 50% percent vegetables, 25% whole grains, and 25% of a mixture of fruits, oils, protein, and starch veggies, make an ideal meal.- Remember to download the eosia Beginners Guide to get a full menu and shopping list that will make your transition easier!  A dash of healthy fats works wonders too. So don’t mind adding a spoonful of avocado oil as you cook your meals or diced nuts to your fruit salads.

Summing Up

A whole food plant-based diet as compared to a vegan diet brings you closer to a healthy lifestyle and nature. From a health point of view, consuming grains, legumes, fruits, and veggies with zero or minimal processing is the ideal way of getting rid of chronicle diseases and assure a long healthy life- look at it as your (very cheap) health insurance! Processed vegan food is welcome, but on rare occasions only! Our main diets should revolve around minimally processed food, as it helps combat inflammation, which is the root cause of many illnesses. 

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