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Why These 6 Vegan Professionals Went Plant-based



Veganism & sports is it possible?

The Tokyo Olympic Games are here, and all the sports fever has caught up with us all. By now we’re sure we’ve been all watching and talking about sports nonstop. So now that we’re already basking in the spirit of sports, let’s talk about an interesting topic – veganism and sports.

The very idea of veganism and sports seem contradictory – but reality tells a different tale. Today, we’ll have a sneak-peek into why 6 top sportspersons switched to veganism. Let’s have a look:

Diana Taurasi

This top WNBA player believes that we need to be conscious of what goes into our bodies. The earlier we understand this, the better it is for our health and overall well-being – and Diana firmly resonates with this.

Dotsie Bausch

This American cyclist, Olympic silver medalist has become a powerful influencer for plant-based eating for athletes and non-athletes alike. She utilizes her degree in plant-based nutrition to inform her impassioned messages as an advocate on behalf of humans, planet earth, and animals.

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis switched to veganism and has been an advocate of plant-based living since then.  While the transition to being vegan was no cakewalk for Lewis, he says it’s worth it all in the end. 

Colin Kaepernick

Colin, a pro footballer, switched to a vegan lifestyle with his girlfriend. His logic is simple – the more animal-based products you consume, the higher the acidity levels in our bodies. Rather than making our bodies a breeding ground for diseases, Colin prefers having a vegan diet with wholesome fruits and vegetables.

Enes Kanter

Learning about factory farming was the turning point in Enes’ life. Left shattered by knowing how meat is produced, Enes switched to veganism, and there has been no turning back ever since.

Tia Blanco

A professional surfer, Tia was just 15 when she watched Glass Walls and read The China Study – and it was pretty clear to her right then that veganism was the way of life.

Aligned with these top stars, other players such as Alex Morgan, Kyrie Irving, Derrick Morgan, and the Williams sisters have adopted a vegan, plant-based lifestyle. Each of these sportspersons vouches for the tremendous benefits of veganism – they feel they are more agile, have greater stamina, and can perform better than ever too. After all, an unprocessed, natural vegan diet gives their bodies essential nutrients such as protein, iron, calcium, and many more to keep them at the top of the game.  

Summing up

The whole concept that sportspersons require animal-based protein to help recover and build muscle isn’t really correct. And these vegan athletes are in their prime form at their career bests and are challenging this very notion. It is heartening to see these players lead the change.  They swear by the benefits of vegan diets and say that it gives them more energy and faster recovery too. Veganism has had a positive impact on their overall athletic performance – which is out for the world to see.

Most importantly, switching to veganism because of their sensitivity towards animals and the environment makes their decision commendable. These sports stars are indeed an inspiration for us all to turn to veganism. If you want to learn which vegetables have more proteins find the here!

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