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Hey Loves ! Do you know what is the best vegan pizzeria in Manhattan?

This last Saturday night, as I was trying to prepare something fancy for dinner, I remembered the last time we went out before all this craziness started.

Probably you’ve already heard about this restaurant if you are from New York or surroundings, but if not, I highly recommend it.

It’s located at the heart of the East Village, on Second Avenue between 3rd and 4th street. The place is tiny, although it does not seem so with the naked eye. From the entrance, you can visually control the whole space. Its interior design is simple and clean, making the space larger than it is, with neat lines and neutral colors. One of the walls, of white brick, has huge mirrors hanging that double the space. The opposite wall holds a large display case filled with wine bottles with a mirrored back, enhancing the effect. In the background, a dark bar closes the place where waiters pick kitchen orders at a frenetic pace. The culmination of the bar is the object of desire of any lover of fine Italian cuisine, a wood-fired pizza oven.

Once seated on the high stools across the shared tables comes the tricky part, choosing from the long list of delicious vegan pizzas on the menu. And believe me, it is certainly an arduous task, since all the pizzas have delicious ingredients, like shiitake mushrooms, slow-cooked onions, garlic cream. But the best part is that all the cheeses are handmade directly at their kitchen. And they don’t settle for a single class, they have a tasty variety of them; herb macadamia ricotta, rice mozzarella, cashew cream, and the list goes on. For a cheese lover like me, it was like reaching cheese-heaven!

However, when you thought the hard part was over, the real difficulties appear. Controlling yourself while waiting for your pizza as the small space fills up with delicious aromas. And you see large trays with overflowing pizzas passing by you 5 inches away.

Eventually, my Truffle Cashew Cream with Wild Mushrooms and Baby Kale Pizza appeared in front of me. I almost had to make an effort to remember I wanted to take a shot to share with you Dears, before eating it whole in one bite.

So last Saturday, as I mentally savored that delicious pizza again, I started the count down until the moment I can go back to Double Zero by Matthew Kenney.

Enjoy the best vegan pizzeria in Manhattan

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