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The best 5 places to eat Plant-based in New York



New York’s healthiest plant-based restaurants

Typically when we talk about New York food, the first things that come to mind are the famous hot dogs of Wall Street, the juicy hamburgers of Midtown, the $1 pizza slices, or the pretzels and chicken wings that goes with the beer pitchers during Sunday’s game, right? I hope you will enjoy this post with the New York’s healthiest plant-based restaurants.

But New York is much more than that. This cosmopolitan city is fast becoming a hotbed of healthy restaurants with menus packed with plant-based options. And here we’re going to share with you the best New York restaurants to eat plant-based, healthy and that are absolutely delicious! 

Double Zero

We’ve already talked about this pizzeria from Matthew Kenney in the past, but it’s still one of the city’s jewels. 

Whether you are vegan or not, if you are looking for the best pizza in Manhattan, this is your place. Its menu loaded with select pizzas will make your mouth water just by reading it,  together with its magnificent selection of wines, makes it impossible not to get it right every time.

Our star: TRUFFLE CASHEW CREAM. WILD MUSHROOMS. BABY KALE. LEMON VINAIGRETTE– because everything with truffle tastes better, right?

Jungle Cafe

If you are near the Greenpoint neighborhood in Brooklyn, this is definitely the restaurant to go to

It has a wholly vegan & kosher menu that will make you doubt if everything is truly plant-based.

You have two options; the buffet where you can compose your own dishes, or the menu full of vegan versions of iconic New York dishes such as Chickpea Tempeh Ruben or the Avocado Caesar Salad.

You always leave this wonderful place feeling healthier than you’ve ever felt!

Our star: Jungle Burrito and Young Thai Coconut Shake! Not necessarily together, of course, or yes, who knows!


Like everything in the East Village, this fabulous restaurant has a lot of charm. 

It defines itself as a vegetable bar, and they have truly captured the essence of Spanish bars. Their menu comprises small dishes called tapas that will make you travel the world through its international flavors. Among them are delicacies such as the Po Boy Bao or the Buffalo Maitane Buns. The complicated thing in LadyBird is always to contain yourself to not order all the dishes on the menu!

Our star: TRUFFLE MAC & CHEESE, a classic with a twist thanks to delicious seared mushrooms and truffle oil. Speechless.

Sestina Pasta Bar

Again another great project from the fantastic chef Matthew Kenney. Located right next to Double Zero, this small place feeds on Italian classics, focusing on pasta with the touch that only Matthew can give.

What fascinates us most about this place is the variety of vegan cheeses they present, from ricotta to parmesan to all possible repertoire in between. All of them handmade by the incredible chefs, who, by the way, also make the fresh pasta in the restaurant’s kitchen!

Our star: MALFADINI. LENTIL. MUSHROOM RAGU. RICOTTA. PARMESAN. Encore, the full selection of wines is a joy, but our favorite is the 2016 QUERCIABELLA MONGRANA. This is an organic, biodynamic, and vegan wine from the Maremma coast of Tuscany a wonderful every-day drinking wine that is the perfect companion to everything from pasta and pizza to a vegan cheese board and even chocolate! It makes the whole experience absolutely sublime.


Jajaja is where south of the border flavor meets Lower East Side flair to create global experiences rooted in local heritage, or a patchwork of culture, community, and Comida threading plant-based eaters to the Mexican palate. 

That’s how this extraordinary plant-based Mexican restaurant defines itself. Opened on a 5 de mayo, very appropriate, this restaurant is an explosion of colors and flavors, from the small dishes popped with bright colors to the delicious Mexican flavors combinations. 

And don’t forget to ask for their curated list of Tequila, mezcal, Mexican beers, and fresh-pressed juices; they are the icing on the cake!


The best 5 places in New York’s healthiest plant-based restaurants

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