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5 Best Vegan Restaurants in Rome by eosia

5 Best Vegan Restaurants in Rome



Discover the 5 Best Vegan Restaurants in Rome while walking past the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain and dozens of other spectacular attractions

Rome is a place of magic. Take a trip through time as you walk past the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain and dozens of other spectacular attractions. Don’t forget to walk into one of the many restaurants to have a taste of Italy.

Don’t worry. There are more than enough places to eat. If you’re a vegan, the best vegan restaurants in Rome will leave you with a smile on your face.

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We’re going to cover the top five restaurants in Rome that cater to vegans, starting with one of our favorite choices.

5 Best Vegan Restaurants in Rome You MUST Try

1. Ma Va’? 

Ma Va’? is on Via Eurlide Turba, 6/8 in Roma and is a “few steps” from the Vatican. Patrons can stop into Ma Va’? to experience classical, regional dishes that are overflowing with flavor and 100% vegan.

The restaurant offers a “homey” feel with an open kitchen. 

Small yet inviting, the restaurant chooses the top, natural ingredients for their dishes and focuses heavily on zero-kilometer sourcing. Menus are in Italian and English, and guests rave about the kitchen’s ability to create dishes that are:

  • Overflowing with flavor
  • Stimulating
  • Absolutely delicious

An impressive list of wines and desserts are available, too.

Guests can choose between appetizers, first dishes, second courses, side dishes and desserts. Chefs create all meals fresh, and every meal offers a gluten-free option, too.

2. Status Quo Vegan

Status Quo Vegan is on Corso Regina Maria Pia 25/27 00122 Ostia Lido in Lazio. The restaurant is popular among vegans because of its healthy, plant-based options. Status Quo is one of the original restaurants in the region to go vegan and offer gluten-free cuisine.

Friendly service is a mainstay at the family-run Status Quo, with guests always commenting on the warm, happy staff that is willing to serve guests delicious cuisine.

Locals and tourists alike agree that Status Quo offers:

  • Some of the best pasta in all of Italy
  • Interesting food options
  • Exceptional selection of wine

Appetizers, desserts and first dishes are superb. Locals rave about the lasagna, desserts and fresh flavors. Additionally, the restaurant is close to the beach – an added perk.

3. Flower Burger

Flower Burger’s popularity grew from the moment of incorporation in 2015 in Milan. The first vegan burgheria in Italy is now in Rome, and fun, exciting flavors and colors await guests. The 100% vegan establishment is on Via dei Gracchi, 87, 00192 Roma RM.

The interior is colorful, fun and inviting, with multi-color furniture, beautiful indoor and outdoor areas and a friendly staff.

The colorful buns make each burger a piece of art, with bright purple and yellow bun options. Choose between 6 to 7 burgers, all made with plant-based ingredients. Guests can also order:

  • Gnome burgers (100% vegan)
  • Flower bombs
  • Patatas buenas
  • Patate savory
  • Tiramisu 
  • Chocolate cake

Fresh, plant-based ingredients fill each dish with flavor and offer a one-of-a-kind experience for burger lovers transitioning to vegan.

4. Misticanza – Osteria dalla Terra

Misticanza – Osteria della Terra is on Via Cesare Baronio 179, 00179 Rome and just a short walk to the Roman Walls. Serving dinner and lunch, the restaurant focuses on Italian and Mediterranean cuisine.

A sleek, welcoming interior awaits, with a beautiful, modern atmosphere.

Small, inviting tables are perfect for couples or parties of two. The restaurant claims to be the first in Rome to offer a new delicious approach to vegetarian and vegan cuisine.

Guests agree that from the antipasti to the dolci, Misticanza’s dishes are bursting with flavor. Ingredients are local, and options are available for:

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Gluten-free

Portions are the perfect size, and dishes are innovative and interesting.

5. Alma Buona

Almo Buona serves vegan pizza (and more) out of their pizzeria on Via Angelo Emo, 44 00136. The restaurant offers delicious pizzas, salads and other delectable dishes.

When walking into Alma Buona, you’ll notice a very modern, welcoming interior that uses light wood colors and metal on its furniture. Pendulum lighting hangs from the ceiling, making it a nice, upbeat place to eat.

All pizzas feature:

  • Farro dough, or
  • Kamut dough

The pizza is light and tasty, and you can choose between thin and traditional dough. 

Guests also rave about the brownies at Alma Buona (which pour warm chocolate out of their center) or the pistachio muffins – perfect for dessert. Pair with one of Alma’s sweet wines, and you’ll leave the restaurant full, content and ready to see the rest of the local sights.

The restaurant also carries a wide range of beers, and the staff is very attentive to guests’ needs.

Alma Buona is just a short two-minute walk to St. Peter’s Basilica.

Rome, also known as the Eternal City, has healthy, plant-based options that are bursting with flavor. The list above includes some of the best restaurants in the city, so next time you’re in Rome, stop in to have a taste for yourself.

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