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What is Electromagnetic Pollution and How to Reduce it?



Let’s talk about the electromagnetic pollution

Electromagnetic Pollution is something all of us come across inadvertently every single day of our lives. As the effects of electromagnetic pollution are not visible, we don’t really bother much about this concept. But here’s the important thing we all need to know – electromagnetic pollution has harmful effects on our bodies in the long term. So we need to take active measures to protect ourselves from the consequent health ailments.

What is Electromagnetic Pollution?

Let’s have a look at the simple electromagnetic pollution definition. It is generated by emissions from one or more sources of the same or different frequencies. It is also termed as ‘electro smog.’ These emissions are from different sources such as radio, television, telephone lines, mobile phones. These are the very devices we use every single day in our lives. Which means we are constantly exposed – 24/7, 365 days of our lives. Unless, of course, we choose otherwise.

What are the Symptoms?

Most of us end up with these symptoms and don’t realize these are caused by electromagnetic pollution. Some of the most commonly noted symptoms are insomnia and unsound sleep, constant tiredness, fatigue, and depression. Lack of concentration, changes in memory, or feeling dizzy or disoriented frequently, too, are symptoms of excessive exposure to electromagnetic pollution.

How to Reduce It?

There are two types of electromagnetic exposures – one is low-level radiation, which is mild and seemingly not harmful to humans. The other type is high-level radiation, which is more harmful. We can increase our electromagnetic pollution protection by increasing our distance from the object emanating harmful radiation.

While we cannot completely cut down our exposure to these electromagnetic emissions. We can definitely do our bit to reduce the exposure. So what can we do in our capacity to protect ourselves from this type of pollution?

We can start off with simple things such as switching off the Wi-Fi router at bedtime or when not in use. Keeping phones on airplane mode at night or when we don’t really require them is another effective way. We can also switch to using the phone’s speaker function rather than placing it close to the ears.

When it comes to the landlines, corded landlines are a lot better than cordless ones. This is because the latter have very high levels of wireless radiation as compared to the corded versions. This applies to all types of wireless devices, such as keyboard and mouse. If we can, we should try and opt for the wired versions only.

While fitness watches are currently a fad, we can try and not use them as much as possible. Steering clear of wireless gadgets such as watches, sleep monitors, headsets will help reduce exposure to EMF pollution. To monitor our exposure to electromagnetic pollution, we can also consider installing an EMF monitor. It helps to monitor and assess the level and impact of the pollution we’re exposed to.

Summing Up

Considering the fact that we’re swamped by different electronic and wireless gadgets everywhere we go, we need to do something to cut down our exposure to electromagnetic pollution. If nothing else, we can at least make our homes a safe haven.

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